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The hidden costs of breastfeeding (A shopping story)

 Feed the baby from your breast they say. It's the best they say. I definitely agree 100% but what they didn't tell me was the endless hours i'd be online shopping. Yes, the random times I wake up to feed the baby I find myself on my phone spending another $50 on etsy or looking at something new on amazon... because, he totally needs bibs to coordinate with his outfits right? well, when its a click away heck yes! I am kidding. no, no I am not. It's crazy the amount of things I have bought online in his short almost 4 months on here earth. We all need matching pjs for the holidays right? Got that covered. yea, its bad.  How many amber teething necklaces does he really need? We've got one to match every outfit. So I have decided to instead spend my time cherishing these special moments and hope they do not pass too quickly because I already want another! and boy how has 4 months passed so soon? time is cruel! I'll soak this up and you know hop on to see whats on sale a couple times a week. Okay, let's talk about producing enough milk. Some days I feel like a full cow and my boobs can't hold anymore but then I have days where I doubt myself and body. I'm sure this is a totally common thing. I try and eat oatmeal at least once a day and I drink a TON of water. I am also completely obsessed with these "boobie bars" I have in my purse and diaper bag! They are SO yummy and they really help my supply and the flavors are to die for! must try for sure. I will be giving away a box to a mama on insta this coming week! 

 Here's a few recently enjoyed things... 

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