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Mother’s Day brunch at The Langham Pasadena



Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day! I loved the homemade gifts I got. Those are always so special and yes I keep them ALL... don’t you? lol. 

We celebrated with a fancy brunch at a local hotel called The Langham Pasadena. We love this place so much! My baby shower for Harrison was held here as well in the tea room. Also, a MUST! It’s so much fun and the teas and pastries are amazing! We got there and it was a buffet style brunch with endless champagne (always fun!) :) The food was absolutely the best I’ve had in that type of setting. They had different stations like omelettes, poke bowls, I mean literally everything you could think of. Then there was the dessert spread oh my gosh you guys!!!! It was all just so so good! I highly recommend this place for your next mother’s day! 





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