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Food & Wine festival at DCA with kiddos

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

The food and wine festival has been going strong at Disneyland California Adventure and we’ve been LOVING it! We will be sad to see all the tasty foods and treats go away BUT you still have until April 23rd!! So if you have not yet been I’d highly suggest going and taking your kiddos with you. 

We’ve been several times and started with the sip and savor pass. It was me my 2 year old and 8 year old. I knew we wouldn’t use it all up in 1 day which was nice because we frequent the parks so often! So we had some extra we didn’t use for our next visits. 

I’m going to share some of our favorites from the festival! Most of the things we tried were kid friendly besides the Ahhhhhhmazing ghost pepper Mac & Cheese. If you like spicy you will love this! 

Next we tried the super kid friendly orange chicken and the Frushi which was actually really tasty! I loved the coconut rice. We also tried the pepperoni egg rolls which were my fav out of the 3! So yummy! These were really good dishes. The kids ate that Frushi up soo quick I barely got a tiny bite (I ended up ordering it again another time we went) :) 


Next up on our favs was this amazing confetti cake shake (this is not apart of the food and wine but it is apart of the “get your ears on” celebration) so you can still try this after April 23! It’s a MUST! It’s literally cake in a cup it’s soo dreamy and big enough to share with the fam bam! 

Some other “Get Your Ears On” celebration must try’s are these...

The bacon cheddar, green onion fritters from Royal Street Veranda


The Mickey burger! It’s HUGE! Definitely can share with the whole family! You can find this at smokejumpers grill in DCA. 

 Okay, now back to the Food and Wine Festival 

we loved these Esquites Sweet Corn Nuggets with Bacon Lardons


One of my FAVS besides the ghost pepper Mac & cheese was this amazing lager cheese soup OMG and the tiny bread bowl was the cutest and tinniest ever! 

I’m not a big soda fan. I don’t ever drink soda but my hubby loves soda so I had him try the Yippee Mickey cotton candy soda. He said it tasted like the baja blast from Taco Bell. 


Lastly, for the adults... the jalapeño lime margarita was soooo yummy! (Again, I like spicy) I also tried the hibiscus champagne and it was gross but pretty! Way too much syrup.


PRO TIPS: Use your sip and savor pass for the more expensive items like the ghost Mac & Cheese and so on ... the Frushi was super cheap so we only used 1 pass for it and paid for the other times we had. 

To catch a break from the crowds go into redwood creek challenge trail and let your kiddos run around or take a nap in the stroller. My older daughter usually runs around while brother rests. It’s shady and super chill.

I hope you get to enjoy the festival! If not, there’s still soo much going on for the “Get your ears on celebration” not sure the end date yet! So go go go! 

if you ever see us there say Hiii




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