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And a baby makes 4!

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 This past July we welcomed our baby boy Harrison Cove earthside. He came out like a little firecracker 4 days early on (yep, I pretty much called it with my luck) independence day! The freaking forth of July! It was a blessing in disguise as I was already so worrisome about my scheduled c- section because my doctor a week prior to the date decided to take vacation and tell me at my last appointment. anyway, I was freaking out. Went into labor in the wee hours of the morning and tried to fight the contractions as long as could until finally i woke Ryan up and said its time! lets go! mind you it was the 4th of July at 4am there was NOBODY at the hospital it was a bit eerie to be honest. got into labor and delivery and I was already to 4cm and was progressing quite fast. In the mix of all this chaos I forgot to mention that I had a scheduled c- section on that upcoming friday and when I did well it was a bit late so the nurses asked if I wanted to try for a VBAC and I was ALL for it!! The doctor came and talked to us and we were thrilled and scared to be able to try naturally for our baby. He was an older doctor and so sweet and supportive!  We tried for our VBAC but ended up in a c-section again although all my tireless pushing and efforts. 

 At 3:19 PM our baby boy was born! it was a pretty LONG day for everyone but we were so excited that we invited everyone to come visit and meet Harrison that day. I was sooo freaking exhausted I don't think I slept in the hospital at all. There is something so weird and uncomfortable with all the random people in and out of your room. It's hell. I hated that part. I longed for my home and to bring my sweet baby home to be with his sister.  I was so lucky Sadie was with her dad fir the weekemd when i went into labor and he was nice enough to bring her by to meert him later that day. Sadie was a little unsure about this new little boy in her life but it was instant love I could tell. She has a hard exterior but shes soft as a teddy bear inside. 

 Fast forward to two days later and we were going home with our little bundle! life has been a freaking whirlwind since his birth. Sadie started kindergarten a few weeks later and we've been on the go basically since he was born. Thankfully we were blessed with the most laid back go with the flow lilttle guy. I feel like this is the case with the 2nd child? and well Sadie was a nightmare baby (Haha sorry. but So, TRUE) so I'm so happy harrison is calm and a go with the flow dude. 

 I look forward to sharing our lives with you all! We aren't the coolest but I promise our lives are nothing short of fantastic. I also look forward to sharing our new designs and other new items coming to our apparel line!  


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