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A Diaper Story

Before Harrison was born I stocked up on diapers of all kinds but mostly I bought and was gifted diapers from "Honest Co" oh my goodness the prints are to die for and SO cute! Mainly because this is what I had asked for and why? well honestly I had no experience with them I just thought oh my goodness the cuteness! Moving forward to Harrison finally being here! the wait was over! and then I tried putting the honest diapers on him and they felt like cardboard and were just so rough. Yes, the designs were cute but I needed something softer and something that held more. I was on the hunt but I mean of course I used the free diapers I was gifted. I also hoped online and did some research. Thats were I found Bambo Natures Diapers. Well, I did have a sample of 2 NB diapers I had been gifted at a mommy event and I used those and knew these were it for us. These diapers are AMAZING. I mean I am constantly raving about them to friends who ask what diapers we use or who are having a problem with their current diapers. These are SO SOFT and so durable we have not had an accident since we've switched over to them. all that and they are Eco-friendly. I mean I am sold. You can get these on their site or on amazon and its really just a click away and you will not regret it. I was getting so sick of having to wash the doc a tot because he leaked through his diapers but with these thats not happening! I cannot say enough about how great and soft these diapers are. I mean they are the closest to cloth diapering you can get with a disposable. If you are having any issues with your current diapers or just want to try these out .. I highly recommend! 

 We also have a new obsession with Freshly Picked moccs and I mean we are OBSESSED!! I never thought I would pay $60 for my babies shoes but the quality is undeniable and the colors are TO DIE FOR! consider me a customer for life! and if you've been on the fence about grabbing a pair I suggest trying a used pair first I promise you will be hooked. The owner is a sweetheart and her success is so inspiring. Okay, that it for now. Have a great Friday and weekend if I don't pop in! Oh my goodness I have the yummiest potato soup recipe to share with you guys!! 

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